Insured and Bonded

Serving Ashland and surrounding areas.

(804) 929-6721

$20 per visit for one dog
$3 for each additional dog

Daily Dog Walks available!  Please call for pricing.

$18 per visit for one animal
$2 for each additional animal

Small Animals:
Rates determined on case-by-case basis

Insulin Shots:
$10 per shot

Poop and Scoop:
Prices start at $25


Home Visits

Our goal is to treat all pets and homes as we would want ours treated, with love and respect. This service not only keeps your pets safe and comfortable, but it provides you with peace of mind for your home as well. Our service helps with crime deterrence, by maintaining that lived-in look.

A visit can include: Meals and fresh water, walks/letouts, cleaning out the litter box, picking up after your dog, general medication administration and supplements, bringing in the mail/newspaper, emptying the trash and taking to the curb for trash day, turning on or off the lights, turning on or off the TV/Radio, water plants, adjusting the draperies, includes up to a 30-minute visit, daily notes, daily e-mails or messages by request. Last but not least, lots of play and belly rubs.