Insured and Bonded

Serving Ashland and surrounding areas.

(804) 929-6721

Horse Sitting Rates:
$23 for a single horse
$5 each additional horse

Additional Services:
$10 full stall mucking
$5 stall picking
$10 leg hosing
$5 hoof picking
$5 wound care

Horse Care

We have experience with all types of horses. It is a true love and passion of ours. You will benefit knowing that we will know how to handle and will be able to make the best decisions that we know how in all situations that come our way.

A visit includes: Hay/grain, water, in/out of stall, blanket, fly spray/mask, basic food additives, mail pick-up, trash in/out, minimal plant care.

There are many other services that we can perform to help make your life easier and travels smoother. Please call us.